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The Washington Times Praises The Borrower

“With The Borrower, Rebecca Makkai brings the world of literary aficionados a treasure.” Read more.

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The Borrower named a “must read novel” by The Daily Beast

The Daily Beast named The Borrower one of three “must read novels” and gave it a lovely review, saying that “this comical and touching book strikes a nice balance between literary artistry and gripping storytelling, and offers a contemporary take on the classic ‘journey of discovery.’” Read more here.

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“Charming, funny, original, thought-provoking, and moving, Rebecca Makkai’s The Borrower embraces outsiders and dissenters, and celebrates the power of our imagination and our empathy. This warmly entertaining, picaresque novel in praise of personal freedom and books leaves us marveling over literature’s magnificent paradox: that in fiction dwells profound truth.” Read more

- WBEZ Chicago’s “848” reviews The Borrower

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The Borrower reviewed in The New York Times, 6/16/11

“[The Borrower is] an appealing, nonromantic love story about an unexpected pairing — and a surprisingly moving one.” (more)


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[tk] reviews Praises The Borrower

[tk] reviews calls The Borrower “deliciously inquisitive,” and goes on to say that “Makkai draws a pale, fine line between the narrator and her ward, and what keeps you hooked by the story is bewilderment at who, if anyone, is in charge.”

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The Daily Clue calls The Borrower “Light enough for the beach, but whip-smart”

Natalie Danford reviews The Borrower at The Daily Clue, saying it “hits the sweet spot where compulsively readable and emotionally engaging intersect.”

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The Borrower in O Magazine!

The July issue of O Magazine, on stands now, asks, “How could any reader of any age resist Rebecca Makkai’s charming The Borrower?”

More features will be available on the Oprah Magazine iPad app, including an excerpt!

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An electrifying debut about the moral choices we’re confronted with in today’s America. Uproariously funny, but with a bittersweet core, Makkai’s voice is so assured and lovely, she had me hooked by the end of her first paragraph and quite sorry to come to the end of her last one.”—

- Tiffany Baker, author of The Little Giant of Aberdeen County

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An accomplished short-story writer, Makkai has written a splendid first novel that cleverly weaves telling references to children’s books into her whimsically patchwork plot. Larger-than-life characters and an element of the picaresque add to the book’s delights. Best of all, however, is Lucy’s absolutely unshakable faith in the power of books to save. From her lips, readers, to God’s ear.

- Booklist (starred review)

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Kirkus Reviews The Borrower →

“Makkai takes risks in her sharp, often witty text… Smart, literate and refreshingly unsentimental.”

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