84 Books Project

My father died in January of 2020, in Budapest. My sister and I weren’t able to get there for his funeral, and weren’t able to hold a memorial here. He was, among other things, a literary translator. I have read far too few books in translation. So I’ve decided to circle the globe (figuratively) reading 84 books in translation, one for every year of his life. We’ll both start and end in Hungary, as he did.

I’m going to be reading one every week or two, and then starting a conversation on social media — primarily Twitter, but Facebook and Instagram too, with the hashtag #AroundTheWorldIn84Books. If you want to join me, just read the book and then join me on social media that day, or later.

  • The first book, which I’m aiming to finish on October 2nd, is Magda Szab√≥’s THE DOOR. I haven’t it read yet, to absolutely everyone’s dismay.

We’ll go through Albania and Greece next, then some of the Arabian peninsula, then down the east coast of Africa, then back up through Asia, etc. etc. kind of Amazing Race-style.

I announced this on Twitter in the spring and I’ve got a lot of people ready to read along. I hope you’ll join. Follow the hashtag on Twitter, sign up for my newsletter, and come back to this page for the booklist.

As I noted on Twitter, my father would have said something remarkably condescending about this whole project.

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