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Conversation and Review at Wall Street Journal Speakeasy

A lovely review of The Borrower and a brief conversation with me are up on the Wall Street Journal‘s Speakeasy (their arts and entertainment blog). As a side note, I love that Rupert Murdoch has now inadvertently paid twice to publicize my rather liberal novel.

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[tk] reviews Praises The Borrower

[tk] reviews calls The Borrower “deliciously inquisitive,” and goes on to say that “Makkai draws a pale, fine line between the narrator and her ward, and what keeps you hooked by the story is bewilderment at who, if anyone, is in charge.”

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The Daily Clue calls The Borrower “Light enough for the beach, but whip-smart”

Natalie Danford reviews The Borrower at The Daily Clue, saying it “hits the sweet spot where compulsively readable and emotionally engaging intersect.”

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