Interview for The Short Form

I was thrilled to talk to the folks at The Short Form about short stories, dead raccoons, and serial adultery. And I get to be an illustration! How cool is that? Read the interview, complete with my short story recommendations, here.

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“Mapping a Novel” in the Wall Street Journal

My essay “Mapping a Novel” — on sketching out fictional houses — was featured in the December 1st issue of the Wall Street Journal, as part of their excellent Word Craft series. I write about my drafting process, and also a bit about the novel-in-progress, The Happensack. Read the full article here!

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Essay for Chicago Artists Resource

I was asked to contribute an “Artist Story” to Chicago Artists Resource. “Reclaiming Chicago” is about my early years of what I call Brooklyn Envy, and my all-too-slow embracing of what this amazing city has to offer writers.

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Literary New England Radio

I talked with Literary new England Radio about all things Borrower and paperback tour. Listen here!

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Fiction Judge and Interview for A River & Sound Review

This fall, I’ll be judging the Nisqually Prize for Fiction for A River & Sound Review. As part of all the hoopla (after the horn section, before the parade), I engaged in an interview that was probably way too fun. As a general rule: If you subject yourself to an interview, and then afterward you think “Wow, that was so fun,” you’ve probably said something you shouldn’t have said. This one’s largely about my superpowers. Writing stuff, too.

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Interview in Trop

If you want to get canned answers from a writer, you email her a series of questions, and she answers them in a highly caffeinated state. If you want honest and somewhat ridiculous answers, you buy her a beer at AWP and record her on your phone. This is what the brilliant and stealthy Evan Allgood did for Trop Magazine this past March. I said some stuff I probably shouldn’t have said. And you can read it all here.

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Makkai in Bookslut

This is an ancient interview that I somehow neglected to post when it first came up. The absolutely lovely Reese Kwon interviewed me for Bookslut about presumption, evasion, funny restaurant names, and Lois Lowry. Read it here!


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Makkai on Living Dayton

Want to watch me get waaaaaay too political for daytime TV in Dayton, Ohio? You are SO in luck.

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A new interview at Authorlink

I have a new interview up here at Authorlink. All about what I’m working on now, historical research, and how writing a novel is like being a first-year teacher.

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Makkai on the Art of the Sentence for Tin House

I contributed to Tin House‘s fabulous series on The Art of Sentence, writing about one of my favorite sentences of all fiction, five words from Salman Rushdie’s Shalimar the Clown. Read my essay here, and check out the rest of the series here!

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